Can I use my pension to help fight climate change?

Absolutely! The majority of good pension providers now offer a range of investments with positive environmental, social and governance mandates (collectively known as ESG strategies).  Switching is usually quick and easy and you might be surprised by just how much good your pension can do.

According to research carried out earlier this year by the Make My Money Matter campaign group, moving your pension to an environmentally-focused investment strategy could be 21 times more impactful than the combined actions of turning vegetarian, giving up flying and switching to a renewable energy tariff.  The average person in the UK could offset an entire year’s worth of CO2 just by switching £11,000 from a global equity fund into a greener option.  No extra cost and no more traveller’s guilt.

With so much choice available, you should seek advice before making changes to your pension investments.  To find out more about ESG investing or retirement planning, please get in touch with a Kingswood Wealth Planner. Our Kingswood Wealth Planners and Investment Managers work in tandem with each other to bring together advice that is tailored to you.

By Joe Howard, Wealth Planner

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