Foreign Exchange Services

Kingswood can help you get the most out of Foreign Exchange (FX) and manage your risk. Our service enables clients to make and receive payments easily and swiftly across the world.

Managing your foreign exchange risk

We offer a tailored FX service for your unique requirements and can help you minimise the risk of currency fluctuations by locking in forward contracts.

Our foreign exchange specialists can advise you on:

  • Access to market-leading rates of exchange
  • Fast and reliable same-day money transfers
  • The option to ‘forward-buy’ currency, locking in rates and protecting you from rate fluctuations
  • Both one-off and regular currency payment transactions

Contact options

Depending on your timeline and reason for transferring funds, your account manager will discuss the contract options available to you, so whether you need a quick turnaround or have a specific exchange rate in mind and a little time to wait, they can help you manage the risk attached the to the changing currency markets.

A forward contract for example is an agreement to buy a currency at the current exchange rate for a date in the future without having to pay for it there and then.

By paying a small deposit, you can lock into a rate of exchange for up to 12 months in advance and pay for your currency any time in the three months preceding the contract end date. This is great to use if you’ve put down a deposit on a foreign property and wish to protect yourself against adverse exchange rate movements whilst waiting for the sale to complete.

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