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We specialise in the management of surplus cash for institutions, on a discretionary and advisory basis. Our Institutional platform works with some of the UK’s largest building societies, universities, charities and friendly societies.

We focus on client specific investment solutions to meet specific client objectives based on risk appetite, expected cash flows and investment restrictions. From this we can create a varied portfolio, using a wide-range of assets that can be easily realised to ensure maximum liquidity whilst seeking the highest appropriate yield.




Management of cash in any business is vital, especially if it is cash that you may need at short notice. But managing cash can be complicated and it is certainly not risk free. Interest rate, foreign exchange and counterparty risk are only some of the factors to contend with. Balancing those risks with generating enhanced returns takes experience and focus, and simply leaving money on deposit, or buying a liquidity fund, may not be the best thing for your business.

We see managing liquidity as a service not a product and want to understand what it is that you need your cash for.  What expected and potential cash outflows do you have? We then design a liquidity management strategy that matches these liabilities with suitable assets. To do that properly means working in partnership with you.

We understand that circumstances can change, and that your strategy needs to be able to adapt to both business and market dynamics.  We welcome your involvement and can develop a close advisory relationship.  Or, if you prefer us to get on with it, we can agree on investment parameters for a discretionary service that gives you clear communication and the confidence that your cash is in safe hands.

Our job is to make sure your cash works hard for you


Our institutional fixed income team specialises in portfolio management services to institutions that provide an optimal rate of return whilst ensuring liquidity. We serve some of the UK’s largest universities and other institutions.

Our areas of expertise include the use of instruments such as:

- Sovereign and corporate bonds

- Short and long term duration bonds

- Enhanced cash funds



The KW Enhanced Cash Fund is a short duration fund designed to preserve capital whilst achieving a rate of return that is significantly higher than the yield on bank deposits.