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Whatever your individual financial needs and circumstances, we offer a highly personalised financial experience founded on trust and understanding your professional and lifestyle goals.

Private clients typically seek our expertise when thinking about their longer term plans, or when they come into wealth from a successful business, inheritance, or have built up pension assets. We look at your entire financial position, your needs and what you want to achieve in life before helping you plan how to get there. Then we guide you through a simple step by step process to create a financial plan just for you.




We use cash flow modelling and look at your pensions, investments and other assets as well as your anticipated income and expenditure over the long term. The modelling allows us to explore different scenarios with you such as retiring at different ages, and consider possible commitments such as a purchasing property, travelling, or supporting your family.


As part of your wealth plan, we’ll agree with you an investment strategy designed to protect and grow your wealth over the long term. We blend a variety of investments to meet precise objectives. Whether you want to grow your capital, avoid too much risk or you just aren’t sure, we'll help you find the right balance. Understanding  lies at the heart of designing your investment strategy and this is why we take the time to understand how best to customise your strategy to ensure it continues to adapt to your needs.

Our awards

‘Discretionary fund managers firm of the year 2018’ – Lawyer International

‘Most outstanding investment strategy firm’ - 2018 Business Excellence Awards


Understanding the intricacies and impact of taxation on your wealth and how to take advantage of more tax efficient investment opportunities can be complex, and it is an ongoing exercise as tax rules change constantly.  We can help you get ahead of the game by planning ahead and managing your tax using the most tax efficient, specialist investment tools, such as:

- Business Property Renovation Allowance

- Enterprise Investment Schemes

- Venture Capital Trusts


You may have built up enough wealth and will naturally pass down your assets to the next generation. This brings two significant challenges: tax and estate planning.

These can be complex areas, we will help you to consider the options and ensure that your succession plan meets your personal circumstances and financial objectives, as well as being structured for tax efficiency. Where necessary, we will suggest other specialists such as trust and estate planning lawyers and accountants.


Preservation of wealth is as important as creation, and however simple or complex your financial situation we are here to ensure you and your family are protected from ill health, the loss of a job, or even from premature death.  

We can look across the life insurance market to secure not only a competitive premium, but a policy with an established provider with significant financial strength and a good claims history.  The benefits of such policies include:

- A lump sum or regular income for your family if you die

- A regular income if you were unable to work because of ill health

- A lump sum if you suffered a ‘serious disease’ or became permanently disabled