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Helping you protect and grow your wealth


Everyday we help busy, successful people achieve financial success

Kingswood Group is an integrated wealth planning and investment management company. We combine the craft of investment management with personalised strategies for financial wellbeing.

Our approach is to manage your wealth as if it were our own. To do that, we get to know you, and your needs and aspirations, very well. Then we apply our combined expertise to develop a strategy to meet your specific goals, and a plan of action with which you are entirely comfortable.

Underpinning our advice is a philosophy that has enabled us to establish trusting relationships with our clientele of private clients, institutions and trusts.

Whether your journey is just beginning, or you are a seasoned expert looking for investment advice and execution, our team can offer a service that is perfectly suited to you and your circumstances.




Our purpose is to partner with our clients to construct a sustainable life plan together. Every day at Kingswood we help busy and successful people achieve their financial potential.


Trust is important when it comes to giving advice. We are committed to acting with integrity, being fair, and acting in the best interest of our clients.


It’s important to always apply understanding to the situation. We believe in loyalty and working as a team, this allows us to build relationships of trust.

Client focus

We don’t miss a beat. With our line of work, it’s important to have all the facts, make calculated decisions, and be tenacious - to get it right every time.


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Welcome to the Autumn issue of Protect of Grow. Inside, you’ll find an array of articles about how we can help you further to protect and grow your wealth.


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10 -11 Austin Friars, London EC2N 2HG, UK

020 7293 0730