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Chris Metcalfe, Chief Investment Officer Kingswood, Investment Director IBOSS

We have blended the IBOSS investment philosophy and track record with our leading client focussed Kingswood service to create our Kingswood IBOSS Managed Portfolio Service.

IBOSS have developed a leading service proposition as recognised in a 5-star rating in the FT Adviser service awards and a long term track record of high performance with low volatility.

The Kingswood IBOSS Managed Portfolio Service comes in four different strategies across a range of risk ratings. Whichever investment solution is chosen from our range, you can be assured that the same philosophy is found running throughout. They are also managed by the same experienced and trusted Investment Team, who are the hallmark of all IBOSS investment solutions.


"The synergy of Kingswood and IBOSS gives us an exceptional opportunity to enhance our client proposition and range of services. Our investment philosophy is the same throughout all of the ranges managed by our highly experienced and trusted Investment Team."

Chris Metcalfe

Kingswood IBOSS MPS comes in 4 different strategies:


Nine actively managed risk-rated model portfolios that offer a long term investment strategy. We place an emphasis on diversifying the range of funds, whilst staying within a level of risk you are comfortable with.

We hold 35-40 funds per portfolio and use several funds within each asset class. A philosophy that’s tried and tested for over a decade and is the template for our other investment ranges.


Eight actively managed risk-rated portfolios that offer reduced annual fees through their use of low-cost passive funds.

Passive funds are also called tracker funds as they simply track an index, for example the FTSE 100. This approach means they have lower fees than actively managed funds.

We hold 15-30 funds per portfolio, which maintains a high level of diversification, whilst closely mirroring the asset allocation of our Core portfolios.


Seven actively managed risk rated portfolios that aim to offer investors the ability to make regular withdrawals and provide an attractive yield.

We hold 35-40 funds per portfolio, prioritising income producing funds, our methodology closely mirrors the asset allocation of our Core portfolios.

A decumulation strategy refers to the process of gradually spending or withdrawing money from accumulated investments and is typically suitable for investors who have reached the retirement stage of their investment journey.


Seven actively managed risk rated portfolios that cater to investors who wish to invest in organisations that commit to generating measurable environmental, social and governance goals, alongside financial returns.

We hold 35-40 funds per portfolio, selecting from assets within our own sustainable framework criteria, whilst closely mirroring the asset allocation of our Core portfolios.

The value of your investments and the income received from them can fall as well as rise.

Available on the following retail investment platforms:



IBOSS has exemplified high quality service levels by winning the FTAdviser Five Star award in each year since it was launched in 2020. Not only that, but they placed top out of all the DFM providers in the category for three consecutive years, earning them the ‘Outstanding Achievement’ award in 2022.

IBOSS won both ‘Best Reporting’ & ‘Best Communication in a Crisis’ at Citywire’s Adviser Choice Awards 2023 for a second consecutive year. Additionally, they were also voted ‘Best DFM North’ in the regional categories.

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