Maximising your cash savings


simple, convenient and innovative solution

We know how time consuming it is to continually research the best bank accounts, and to open, close and maintain multiple accounts with the aim of maximising the interest rate you achieve on your cash. We have partnered with Flagstone so we can offer you to a simple, convenient and innovative solution to these problems.

Flagstone provides an online cash management portal that enables you to manage your cash deposits across a panel of more than 20 provider banks and hundreds of different deposit accounts at the push of a button. You only need to complete one application with Flagstone and then no further paperwork is required to switch between banks. You can use the portal to help maximise interest rates or to minimise risk by diversifying deposits across a number of banks, managing Financial Services Compensation Scheme limits.

This cash management service is available through Flagstone to:

  • Clients with a minimum of £250,000 cash to deposit
  • Private individuals
  • Business clients
  • Charity clients
  • SIPP/SSAS and other trust accounts
  • Flagstone also offers a range of fixed term deposits for private individuals with deposits between £50,000 and £250,000.

Maximise your interest

You have access to market leading interest rates on hundreds of bank deposit accounts. Clients typically increase the interest paid on their cash by 2 to 9 times net of fees.


Minimise your risk exposure

The platform enables you to spread your deposits across multiple accounts in order to maintain your Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) protection.



You sign just one agreement to get started and after this you can manage your account opening effortlessly and electronically through the platform without any further paperwork.


The platform's intuitive functionality and efficient electronic execution make it easy for you to research, select and open the accounts that meet your needs, enabling you to earn more interest income and manage risk in a simple, safe way.

Speak to us today to download this guide to find out how it works

1. Open a hub account

On receipt and approval of your completed application pack, the client services team will set up your Hub Account. Your Hub Account will be held with Barclays Bank. This is the account into which you will make your initial transfer and to and from which all subsequent deposits will flow in and out.

    2. Set your deposit criteria

    Using a simple Filter tool, you can set the criteria for your deposits based on value, account type (instant access, notice and/or term deposits).

      3. Browse the available accounts

      You can review all of the available accounts that meet your criteria using a Graph and/or Table view. Clear and transparent financial strength analysis is available for each of the banks on the platform. This is also distilled down to a simple Financial Strength Score (out of 100) to assist you in comparing the accounts.

        4. Select and execute

        Select the deposit accounts that align with your needs and click on them to build your portfolio. View the terms and conditions for each account and the overall interest rate payable on your portfolio, and when you are happy with your selections, simply click to confirm. Flagstone will then automatically execute these deposits

          5. Reporting

          You can view all of your deposits at a glance with 24/7 secure online access. You will receive consolidated monthly statements and an annual summary for tax reporting.

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