Back to Reality

Equities were down yet again last week despite a bounce on Friday and posted their sixth consecutive weekly drop. Global markets fell 1.8% in local currency terms although UK investors … Read More

Murky Times

Last week was really a story of more of the same as far as markets were concerned. Volatility remained heightened with US equities jumping a hefty 3% on Wednesday, only … Read More

Stagflation Beckons

Equity markets have been volatile over the last week but overall lost further ground. Global equities fell 1.9% in local currency terms and are now down 10.5% year-to-date and only … Read More

Testing Times

Equity markets ended last week on a distinctly sour note with the US down 2.7% on Friday. Markets have also opened lower today with Chinese equities faring worst, hit by … Read More

Climate change is upon us

Blog by David Winckler, Kingswood Senior Investment Analyst Humans have ignored the impact of global warming for far too long. We are now faced with the immense challenge of turning … Read More

Choppy Waters

Equity markets unwound over the past week a further bit of their rebound from their low on 8 March. Global equities lost 1.5% and are now down some 4.5% from … Read More

Earnings Bonds Face-Off

Equity markets edged lower last week, with global equities down around 1%. Following their V-shaped recovery from their low on 8 March, which saw markets bounce 10% in the space … Read More

Inverted Logic

Equity markets have continued to edge higher, with global equities up 0.5% in local currency terms last week. They are now up a sizeable 9% from their low in early … Read More

Equities Ignore Bonds

Bonds rather than equities were the centre of attention last week. 10-year US Treasury yields jumped 0.35% to 2.50%, while 10-year UK gilt yields increased 0.20% to 1.67%. Yields have … Read More

A Leap of Faith

Equities staged a strong bounce last week with global markets posting a gain of 5.6% in local currency terms. Strikingly, they are now up some 3% since Russia invaded Ukraine … Read More