managed portfolio service


High quality investment solution

The service has been designed to offer you a high quality investment solution that matches your goals, interests and attitude to risk. It allows us to deliver outstanding value in a highly accessible, cost effective manner.

Our investment management team have developed six model portfolios to address these issues.

Each portfolio has a distinct risk profile and objective and is rebalanced regularly. The portfolios are managed on a discretionary basis so you do not need to worry about making tough decisions about what to buy and sell and when.

Defensive, Cautious, Balanced, Growth, Income & Adventurous.

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Who CAN ACCESS the managed portfolio service?

The Managed Portfolio Service is only available to clients who use our Wealth Management service.

Are the portfolios segregated?

Our portfolios are fully segregated, which means that each client has their own separate holding of the individual assets making up the portfolio. These will typically be investment funds giving access to specific markets. Our investment research and strategy team select the investments which we think will best achieve the portfolio’s objectives, and keep these under constant review.


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