PERSONAL portfolio service



The Personal Portfolio Service is designed for clients who desire active and ongoing management of their portfolio. Clients who use the Personal Portfolio Service have their own dedicated Investment Manager.

Instances where clients also subscribe to the wealth planning service, the investment manager and wealth planner work in tandem to support the achievement of the overall financial plan.

The investments follow the same core strategies and risk profiles as the MPS, however, portfolios in the PPS are tailored to specific requirements and is managed to optimise capital gains tax.


Who is the personal portfolio service available for?

The Personal Portfolio Service is available to clients on a standalone basis or in conjunction with our wealth planning service.

How is PPS different from the MPS?

The PPS follows the same core strategies however they are tailored to clients specific requirements. This could be managing capital gains tax.

How often do I meet with my Investment Manager?

Your Investment Manager will be available to discuss your investments with you whenever appropriate and at annual review meetings together with your Kingswood wealth planner (where relevant).

Where are the portfolios held?

Portfolios are held on the Kingswood platform. This gives access a wider range of investments used to enhance returns and help to mitigate risk.


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