Incorporation and status of the Company

The Company was incorporated and registered in Guernsey under The Companies (Guernsey) Law, 1994 to 1996 (as amended) on 15 September 2004 with registered number 42316 as a company limited by shares with the name EQUITY PRE-IPO INVESTMENTS LIMITED. On 4 September 2018 the Company changed its name to Kingswood Holdings Limited.
The principal legislation under which the Company operates and under which the Ordinary Shares will be issued is the Companies Act 2006 and the regulations made thereunder.
The registered office of the Company is at:
13 Austin Friars,
The Company’s main country of operation is the United Kingdom.

Kingswood Holdings Limited (Company Number: 42316) was incorporated by the Registrar of Companies for Guernsey on 15 September 2004. The rights of the shareholder may be different from those of a UK incorporated company.

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