Merry Christmas and a not so Happy New Tier

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I have spent much of this year in this commentary discussing ad nauseam two topics – Covid and Brexit – and unfortunately we need to end the year focusing on these very two same subjects. I am – but really shouldn’t be by now – surprised that yet another ‘final’ Brexit deadline has come and gone with no agreement reached, … Read More

Can’t afford to retire

Getting your pension finances back on track Do you know how much money you will need in retirement? What about how much you already have saved? Do you know what kind of income that might provide? Unfortunately the answer is ‘no’ for some people.

Investment Highlights In 2020

TECHNOLOGY FLOURISHES DURING THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC Talk about a roller coaster ride of a year. For the first time in decades, almost every single person on this planet has had one thing on top of mind – Covid-19. Instead of dwelling on the negatives this year has brought – we get more than enough of this from the news – … Read More

What will 2021 bring?

Left field thoughts with the expectation that we will be right with at least one Making predictions for markets over short time frames is a fool’s game, yet every year we all feel obliged to put our thoughts forward. Looking back at 2020, whilst few expected a bumper year for markets, most suggested that we were entering a gentle slowdown … Read More

Groundhog Day

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Global equities did their best last week to ignore the trials and tribulations of the Brexit negotiations, ending the week down a modest 0.5%. It was rather harder for UK assets to ignore the steady drift towards a No Deal but even there the reaction was rather muted. The pound fell 1.5-2% against the dollar and euro, to $1.32 and … Read More

Will the over-50s become a lost generation?

Older individuals who lose their jobs are less likely to secure re-employment Older workers are one group of people who are at risk of suffering serious and persistent consequences from the economic turmoil arising from the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. In particular, older individuals who lose their jobs are less likely than younger workers to secure re-employment or to find a … Read More

Deal, No Deal or no big deal

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The upward march of equity markets continued last week with global equities gaining another 1.2% in local currency terms. However, there was considerable divergence between markets. The UK resumed its recent strong run gaining 3.0% while emerging markets were down slightly on the week. The UK’s gains occurred despite the Brexit talks going down to the wire and it still … Read More

Latest Kingswood research

This is going to be big Kingswood has undergone significant change over the past few years to become an integrated wealth management business today. It has grown rapidly over the past two years with five acquisitions of financial advice businesses, and today has assets of over £5.0bn. Its core strategy is to take advantage of consolidation opportunities in the UK … Read More

Are you keeping too much in cash?

Savers holding onto extra cash during the COVID-19 pandemic Some savers are putting their hard-earned money at risk by holding too much on deposit. Savers holding onto extra cash during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic need to consider their long-term investment options, as new data shows the savings ratio for some people has increased during the pandemic.