Responsible investing

Invest today. Change tomorrow Responsible, sustainable and environmentally friendly investing is here to stay. But, while demand is growing among all age groups, genders and income bands, some savers and investors are missing their biggest opportunity for responsible investing, which is through their pension.

Spring has Sprung

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Global equities gained around 0.5-1.0% last week and are back within spitting distance of their mid-February highs. Markets have also opened higher this morning, shrugging off the news of the collapse of a US hedge fund which will lead to significant losses at Credit Suisse and Nomura. Rather than being seen as a canary in the coalmine, and a sign … Read More

The Road To Success

WHAT DOES THE POST-PANDEMIC RETURN TO NORMAL LOOK LIKE? It has been a tumultuous year. For the UK, the privations forced upon it by the economic and social restrictions necessitated by the pandemic have been exacerbated by the uncertainty caused by the new trading arrangements consequent on the country’s exit from the European Union. While, for most countries, a post-pandemic … Read More

Don’t miss the ISA deadline

Saving and investing for a future that matters. Yours.   Each tax year, we are given an annual Individual Savings Account (ISA) allowance. This can build up quickly, letting you accumulate a substantial tax-efficient gain in the long-term.   The ISA limit for 2020/21 is £20,000. The proceeds are shielded from income tax, tax on dividends and capital gains tax. … Read More

The Magic Money Tree – Quantitative Easing

Quantitative Easing

QE, or quantitative easing to give it its full name, has been one of the major tools central banks have employed to try and limit the damage wreaked on the global economy by the pandemic. It is a tool first used to any great extent back in the global financial crisis when interest rate cuts became increasingly ineffective as rates … Read More

Charlotte Cook, in the spotlight

Charlotte Cook, investment manager tells us about her best investment decisions, her top three fund picks, and a legendary dinner party! Q: What was it that first attracted you to the world of finance? A: Having studied business management at university, I knew I wanted to work in the industry. Completing a summer internship at Kleinwort Benson (now Kleinwort Hambros) … Read More

Wealth Managers, a new generation

As a fledgling young professional, ask me heading into my mid-thirties would I have planned on becoming a wealth manager and I’m sure you would have received a perplexed expression looking back at you. Something along the lines of the emoji with the straight-lined mouth with a raised eyebrow springs to mind!   Very attractive proposition   An industry, that … Read More

ISA deadline 5 April 2021: use it or lose it

Make the most of the tax breaks before it’s too late If you hold a Cash Individual Savings Account (ISA) you may be dissatisfied with the low rates of interest you receive, which could make it difficult to grow your money even at a rate that keeps pace with inflation.

Spot the Dot

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Equity markets slipped back a little last week following their recovery over the previous two weeks. But it is government bonds, rather than equities, which remain the real focus of attention at the moment. If there is one variable market strategists are obsessing over at the moment, it is the 10-year US Treasury yield. It rose further last week to … Read More

Gifting generation

Older family members supporting younger generation through the pandemic Young people have been one of the worst-affected groups from the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, particularly in terms of the labour market and mental health outcomes. But it’s their parents and grandparents who are paying the price financially.