Wealth preservation 

Minimising the impact of Inheritance Tax on your estate The latest Inheritance Tax (IHT) statistics show an additional 4% was added to HM Revenue & Customs’ receipts compared to the … Read More

Show Me The Money

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Global equities posted gains last week for the third week running. They ended the week up some 1.1% and are now all but back to their high in early September. … Read More

Gender pension gap

British women impacted at every stage of career The staggering impact of the gender pension gap has been revealed in research which shows that women have lower pension pot sizes … Read More

Quality not Quantity

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Global equities continued their recovery last week, ending up 2.1% in local currency terms. Markets are now down only 1.2% from their early September high. So, why the swift rebound … Read More

Financial futures

Xers expected to face significant challenges in retirement With many Gen Xers (those born between 1965 and 1980) having entered the job market too late to benefit from final salary … Read More

Gasflation if not Stagflation

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Global equities ended last week unchanged despite a further surge in gas prices and step-up in bond yields. At their low point a week ago, markets were in spitting distance … Read More

Whiff of Stagflation

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Last week’s commentary started with the words ‘Global equities seem to have regained their poise’. Well, we spoke too soon as markets shortly resumed their decline, ending last week down … Read More