Beyond profit

How green is your pension? The consequences of inaction on climate change are now impossible to ignore. Every company has an impact on the world around us. And by investing … Read More

Equities Ignore Bonds

Bonds rather than equities were the centre of attention last week. 10-year US Treasury yields jumped 0.35% to 2.50%, while 10-year UK gilt yields increased 0.20% to 1.67%. Yields have … Read More

Planning for the road ahead

Gen Z’s caring nature supporting both themselves and loved ones Younger generations deserve much more credit for planning ahead and beginning to think about retirement when it will still feel … Read More

A Leap of Faith

Equities staged a strong bounce last week with global markets posting a gain of 5.6% in local currency terms. Strikingly, they are now up some 3% since Russia invaded Ukraine … Read More

What do your retirement plans look like?

Pandemic sparks a surge in over-50s seeking professional financial advice The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has sparked a surge in people over 50 seeking professional financial advice[1]. For many, a sudden … Read More

Oil Moves Centre Stage

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Markets continue to be dominated by the terrible events unfolding in Ukraine. Global equities last week lost 1.5% in sterling terms with a wide dispersion in performance between markets. European … Read More

A Heartless Market

Markets were dominated last week by the full-blown Russian invasion of the Ukraine. Following initial declines of 3-4%, the major markets subsequently rebounded and regained the bulk of their losses on … Read More