An easier world – or not

Central banks are very much the focus of attention for markets at the moment. This week, the highlight will be the meeting of the Federal Reserve on Wednesday which should see the Fed cut rates for the first time since the financial crisis. A 25bp ‘insurance’ cut looks very likely although a 50bp cut cannot be ruled out altogether.

Waiting for the Fed and the ECB

Following their strong run in June, global equities have paused for breath in the last couple of weeks. Hopes of monetary easing have been a major force driving markets higher and we will see over the next two weeks whether the Fed and ECB deliver or not.

What will follow the sugar rush?

While it may have been a flat week for global equities overall last week, US equities passed a major milestone with the S&P 500 index breaking through the 3000 mark. There was no major new catalyst to trigger the move. Rather, hopes of monetary easing remained the main driver with comments by Fed Chair Powell very much suggesting a 25bps … Read More

Monetary easing versus slowing growth

Equities had a good week last week. In sterling terms, they gained as much as 3.0%, helped by a fall in the pound to $1.25 as Boris Johnson continued his march towards Downing Street – with all that entails. But last week’s gains were not all down to Boris. Hopes of forthcoming monetary easing by the Fed, the ECB and … Read More

How much further can equities rise?

After a flattish performance last week, equities have started this week on an upbeat note, buoyed by the news that Presidents Trump and Xi have agreed to restart trade talks and the US has suspended – for now at least – the tariffs scheduled for introduction early this month.