Tax saving opportunities

It’s time to identify, plan for and potentially mitigate your tax burdens The Government has spent hundreds of billions on measures to support businesses and jobs, and fight the coronavirus … Read More

Bonding with Equities

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Global equities slipped back last week, retreating 1.5% in sterling terms, and have also opened lower this morning. These declines, however, follow two weeks of strong gains and are nothing … Read More

Why cash may not be king

How much of your wealth do you currently hold in cash? One paradox of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is that even as businesses have shut down and jobs have disappeared, … Read More

Vaccinating against Bubbles

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Global equities posted further gains last week and are now comfortably above their highs prior to the mini-correction seen a couple of weeks ago. In local currency terms, equity markets … Read More

Investment Outlook Q1 2021

SUMMARY The economic recovery has faltered in Europe and the UK due to renewed lockdowns However, the vaccine roll-out should fuel a strong global rebound from the second quarter Inflation … Read More

V is for?

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Global equities bounced strongly last week, gaining a sizeable 4.4% in local currency terms and more than reversing their losses the previous week. Equity markets ended the week at new … Read More

Kingswood launches ESG Bond Fund

Targeting a five-year duration and an income with potential for capital growth One of the very few short dated Sterling only investment grade ESG funds that is actively managed in … Read More

Don’t miss the ISA deadline

Saving and investing for a future that matters. Yours. There are many ways that you can save or invest. Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) are an incredibly effective means of shielding … Read More

Power in Numbers

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Global equities fell back 3.5-4% last week, leaving them down slightly year-to-date, although they have recovered some of these losses today. It was a busy week for financial news but … Read More