Magnificent Seven fall from favour

Equity markets retreated last week, following their strong run of late, with global equities down 2.0% in local currency terms and 1.5% in sterling terms. Bonds, by contrast, were little … Read More

Small cap spring to life

Global equities saw further gains last week, rising 1.1% in local currency terms. However, a strengthening in the pound against a weaker dollar to just under $1.30, the highest level … Read More

Calm is good

Politics were very much centre stage last week. But as is usually the case for markets at least, the economics turned out to be more important. Even so, it would … Read More

Tech Trouble

Whilst we rarely comment on individual stocks, the meteoric rise of Nvidia has been hard to ignore. However, it is worth noting that Nvidia’s stint as the most valuable company … Read More