Global economy on the turn?

Global equities rose 1.3% in local currency terms last week, the third consecutive weekly gain, and are back testing their 2018/19 highs. Markets failed to break through these levels in both July and September this year and also failed to do so as far back as January 2018. While there has been a lot of volatility in the meantime, equities … Read More

Brexit – the never ending saga

At the time of writing, the UK parliament is once again seemingly poised to vote on the Brexit deal agreed last week by the Government and the EU. With the result still hanging in the balance, the way forward is still far from clear. That said, and at the risk of stating the blindingly obvious, the risk of a No … Read More

How big a Deal – Brexit and the US-China trade war

Last week proved unexpectedly eventful with the agreement of a limited US-China trade deal and the move towards a Brexit Deal. Global equities ended the week up 1.1% in local currency terms although, because of a bounce in the pound, were down 1.8% in sterling terms.

Growth worries undermine equities

The downward pressure on equities continued last week although a bounce on Friday reduced the damage. Global equities are now down some 2.5-3% from the high touched in July and September. This correction so far is rather smaller and shorter than the ones seen in May and August, both of which lasted around a month, saw declines of 6-7% and … Read More