Mind the knowledge gap

Some people still struggle to make informed retirement decisions The decisions made at retirement are big ones and have long term consequences. Many spend years accumulating a large amount of money in pensions and other savings, but really don’t know what that might mean, how much income they can reasonably expect to receive and how best to take that income.

All that glitters…

  Last week was really a week of two halves as far as equity markets were concerned, with initial gains subsequently reversed, leaving markets down a little over the week as a whole. A further escalation of tensions between China and the US, with the tit-for-tat embassy closure, was the most obvious reason for the change in market tone. But … Read More

Planning a move abroad?

Undertaking what is required takes a great deal of thoughtful consideration You’ve always dreamed about living aboard, but how do you make that a reality? The first practical step is to think about where you are in your life and weigh which options are available to you. Factors like your age, financial situation and skill set will come into play … Read More

Choppy times ahead

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Equity markets continued their upward trend last week, with global equities gaining 1.2% in local currency terms. Beneath the surface, however, the recovery has been a choppy affair of late. China and the technology sector, the big outperformers year-to-date, retreated last week whereas the UK and Europe, the laggards so far this year, led the gains. As for US equities, … Read More

Time in the market, not timing the market

Don’t get distracted from staying focused on your investment goals Investment market swings can be unnerving, but they shouldn’t distract you from staying focused on your financial goals. Periods of market volatility, like whose we’ve seen over recent months, will undoubtedly be unsettling times for most investors. The risks of incurring losses can make holding investments difficult to bear, with … Read More

China and Tech – a world apart from the UK 

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Global equities continued to edge higher last week, rising 1.5% in local currency terms, although a strengthening of the pound cut the gain to 0.2% in sterling terms. The big focus for the UK was Rishi Sunak’s latest range of measures aimed at promoting the economic recovery and heading off a surge in unemployment. They included a payment to firms … Read More

Tailwinds for Thematic Investing

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  Global equities gained 3% last week, more than reversing their decline the previous week, and have opened higher today. Markets continue to take heart from signs of a rebound in economic activity. Manufacturing confidence and employment in the US both posted unexpectedly large gains in June. Meanwhile here in the UK, the Bank of England’s chief economist stated that … Read More

Income Protection Insurance

How will you pay the bills if you were sick or injured and couldn’t work? There is a growing unease about the economic fallout of coronavirus (COVID-19), with many businesses laying off contractors and putting staff on extended leave, as well as natural worries about contacting the disease. What this crisis has shown is that being unable to work can … Read More

Presenteeism during lockdown

Levels reach record highs in organisations as stress at work rises Unlike absenteeism, presenteeism isn’t always apparent. You know when someone doesn’t show up for work, but you often can’t tell when or how much illness or a medical condition hinders someone’s performance. Lockdown has taken its toll on many UK employees, as new research reveals that nearly half (46%) … Read More

David Hudd has joined the executive team as Legal Consultant

Kingswood announces that David Hudd, former Deputy CEO of Hogan Lovells, the international law firm, has joined as Legal Consultant David brings almost 40 years of global legal and transactional experience Kingswood Holdings Limited (AIM: KWG), the international, fully integrated wealth and investment management group, which currently has over 16,000 active clients and approximately £4.8 billion of Assets under Advice and Management, is pleased … Read More