Equities verging on the complacent

Equity markets have their rose-tinted glasses strapped on firmly. Global equities rose a further 1% last week and are now back above their January highs. The news on the spread of the coronavirus in China certainly seems reassuring and the radical measures put in place restricting people’s movement appear to be working. Confirmed cases have been rising in recent days … Read More

Global equities recover their mojo

Global equities rebounded last week, gaining 3.1% in local currency terms and as much as 4.6% in sterling terms. They have now regained the bulk of the losses sustained due to fears over the coronavirus, although Asia and Emerging Markets at the epicentre of the outbreak have only recovered around half their declines. Markets have taken heart from encouraging news … Read More

It’s not all about the coronavirus

Global equities fell back further last week as worries over the coronavirus escalated. As of Friday, markets had fallen back some 3.5% from their highs on 20 January, in local currency terms. Asian and Emerging markets have unsurprisingly been hit hardest and are down some 6-7% from their peak. The correction in equities has been very limited so far in … Read More

The coronavirus and markets

Global equities had started to looked vulnerable to a correction following their gain of close to 14% since early October, and the coronavirus has provided the catalyst for just such a setback. The US market was down on Friday and the UK and European equity markets have fallen 2% or so this morning. The coronavirus has provoked comparisons with the … Read More