Alphabet soup

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Global equities last week gained 2.5-3%, reversing their losses of the previous week. This continued the see-saw pattern of late, which has left markets in local currency terms marking time over the last month following their initial sharp recovery from the March lows. In sterling terms, however, global equites have continued to trend higher on the back of a renewed … Read More

Coronavirus and the importance of having a Will

Since the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19), the number of people seeking to write new Wills has risen by over 30%, according to The Law Society. Understandably, the current situation is causing angst among people, particularly elderly and vulnerable clients who have been self-isolating. It’s estimated that more than half of British adults have not made a Will. The coronavirus pandemic … Read More

Covid-19: Are you protected?

Given the current situation during this difficult and unsettling time with coronavirus (COVID-19), it’s important to think about how secure the future of your family or business would be in the event that you were no longer around. Understandably, we would rather not dwell on such a scenario, but this crisis has highlighted the importance of protecting the things that … Read More

Time is a great healer

The key takeaways from the current crisis. For me, there are two key takeaways: first, almost all market downturns fade into insignificance in the long run, even if at the time they may feel unprecedented and game changing. Second, it is dangerous to sell out of markets completely, even for very short periods of time. Both considerations have framed the … Read More

Time in, not timing

The increase of risk profiling As humans we are (mostly) wired to have a greater aversion to losses than desire for gains. Put more simply, we feel greater pain when registering losses than gains. This is the primary reason for the increase in risk profiling. Historically you would have had a conversation with your Wealth Planner and a “feel” for … Read More

Why the Coronavirus recession cannot be a costless event

Coronavirus recession investment markets

Richard Jeffrey | Chair of Kingswood Investment Committee When I first came into the City in the late-1970s, the reverberations of the 1973-74 stock market crisis were still echoing around financial markets and within the walls of investment firms. In the UK, although not described using these words, it had most certainly been regarded as an existential crisis for the … Read More

Only looking on the bright side

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Equities last week recovered their losses of the previous week. There was a lot of news out, and it is fair to say that the market looked on with rose-tinted glasses. Lockdowns are now in the process of being relaxed, both here in the UK and across much of Europe, which is clearly good news. But the relaxations are very … Read More

A Correction was Overdue

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Last week was very much a week of two halves for equities. It started on a strong note but markets fell back towards week-end and are down again today. The initial gains were driven both by the tentative easing in lockdowns now underway in much of Europe and some states in the US and encouraging drug news. A new trial … Read More