Cost of ‘saver inaction’

Millions of savers think inflation will leave them better off Despite inflation reaching its highest rate for many decades, some people in the UK are not aware of its impact … Read More

ECB Tests Positive

Equity markets rebounded last week in what was a strong week for all major markets. Global equities ended the week up 2.7% in local currency terms and 1.6% in sterling … Read More

Show me the money

assessing finances

How to invest your money and avoid costly mistakes It’s not surprising that the world of investing can seem complex, especially in the current global economic climate. Investors face an … Read More

Testy Times

Equity markets continued last week their recent pattern of bouncing around a few percentage points above their mid-June low. Global equities ended the week down 1.2% in local currency terms … Read More

Economics Trumps Politics

economic trumps politics investment management

Global equities last week regained their losses of the previous week, gaining 1.9% in local currency terms. However, they have opened lower today. Markets are fluctuating as worries of a … Read More

Bouncing Around

Equity markets last week unwound some of their recent bounce. Global equities fell 1.7% in local currency terms and are currently some 2.5% above their mid-June low. UK investors continue … Read More