Time to be Small

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Equity markets recovered some of their mojo last week. Global equities gained 2.0%-2.5% in sterling and local currency terms respectively and are now only 0.5%-1.0% below their mid-February peak. In … Read More

Breaking up is hard to do

Managing the financial impact of divorce When long-term relationships split up, there are a host of implications for mortgages, savings, tax and Wills requiring careful consideration to avoid hardship. If … Read More

Boom Time

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Global equities had quite a volatile week but ended it up around 1%. This gain reversed some of their losses the previous week and leaves them down some 3% from … Read More

‘New Age’ of self-employment

Changes in how people save, invest and plan for retirement Self-employment plays a vital role towards the UK’s economy. In recent years the number of people who are self-employed has … Read More

Storm in an Equity Teacup

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Bond markets were once again the centre of attention last week, with government bond yields continuing their upward climb. 10-year yields in the UK and US rose another 0.10%-0.15% to … Read More