Markets Shrug off Chancellor’s Gloom

Following their bounce the previous week, global equities were little changed in local currency terms last week with no major market-moving news. COP27 was always going to be a bit … Read More

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Last week was a volatile one for markets generally, not just crypto. US equities surged as much as 5.5% on Thursday, leaving global equities up 5.1% in local currency terms … Read More

A Pivotal Week

Last week proved a mixed affair for equity markets. Global equities ended down 1.2% in local currency terms but up 1.4% in sterling terms. There was also a marked divergence … Read More

Fangs are Out

UK assets had a good week, with a further reversal of the sell-off caused by the mini-budget. The pound rose 3.8% against the dollar and is now back up to … Read More

About Turn

Last week proved to be yet another week of high drama. While the UK was clearly the epicentre, the US inflation numbers mid-week also did their best to grab the … Read More

A Game of Two Halves

Last week was very much a week of two halves. Global equities staged a sharp 5% bounce early on, only then to unwind a good part of that gain and … Read More

Don’t Panic

The natural instinct in turbulent times like these is to press the panic button – sell any investments which could potentially fall further and retreat to the safety of cash. … Read More

Turbulent Times

The past week has been a torrid affair with major moves in many markets. Global equities ended the week down a sizeable 4.2% in local currency terms and are back … Read More

A Momentous Week

The death of Queen Elizabeth II, a rock of stability for the nation over the decades, overshadows everything else and puts this week’s comments on the trials and tribulations of … Read More

UK Inflation Woes

Equity markets posted a modest 0.9% decline last week, their first fall in a month. However, a 2.6% drop in the pound against a strengthening dollar to $1.18 left global … Read More