Diversification is Key

The optimum risk and return balance Diversity is a hot topic at the moment, and rightly so. It is crucial for many aspects of life, from society to your vegetable intake, and of course it applies to your investments too. In fact it is so important that diversification is a key input at all levels of the investment process here … Read More

Investing during retirement

Why it’s important not to view your portfolio with an element of finality  Retirement is a major accomplishment for most people. You’ve worked hard all of your working life to save and prepare for your retirement, and now you’ve finally retired. So how should you approach investing now that you’re no longer earning a salary? When it comes to investing … Read More

Time in the market, not timing the market

Don’t get distracted from staying focused on your investment goals Investment market swings can be unnerving, but they shouldn’t distract you from staying focused on your financial goals. Periods of market volatility, like whose we’ve seen over recent months, will undoubtedly be unsettling times for most investors. The risks of incurring losses can make holding investments difficult to bear, with … Read More

COVID-19 effects on retirement planning

covid19 retirement planning

Remember that pension savings are for the long term The coronavirus (COVID-19) is having a widespread impact across all aspects of financial life, including retirement plans. The current global stock market turbulence, as a consequence of COVID-19, will no doubt be concerning for individuals whose pension savings are invested partly or fully during these volatile market conditions. However, making decisions … Read More

The sun is still shining

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Equity markets moved higher last week, breaking out of the trading range of the last month, with global equities gaining 3.2% in local currency terms. Markets have now recovered close to two thirds of their losses. The latest increases come on the back of lockdowns being relaxed in many countries, some semblance of normal life beginning to return and as … Read More

Time is a great healer

The key takeaways from the current crisis. For me, there are two key takeaways: first, almost all market downturns fade into insignificance in the long run, even if at the time they may feel unprecedented and game changing. Second, it is dangerous to sell out of markets completely, even for very short periods of time. Both considerations have framed the … Read More

Time in, not timing

The increase of risk profiling As humans we are (mostly) wired to have a greater aversion to losses than desire for gains. Put more simply, we feel greater pain when registering losses than gains. This is the primary reason for the increase in risk profiling. Historically you would have had a conversation with your Wealth Planner and a “feel” for … Read More

Markets have got ahead of themselves

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The rebound in equity markets resumed in force last week. Global equities gained as much as 10% in local currency terms and as of Friday were up 21% from their March low. The US has led the rebound and has risen 25% from its low point. The recovery in UK stocks has been a more moderate 17%, aside from the … Read More

Panic in the air

Equity markets are down sharply this morning, following a volatile few days last week. At the time of writing, UK equities are down some 6% from Friday’s close, and are now in official bear market territory, having fallen 20% from their highs earlier in the year. The sharp rise in coronavirus cases outside China is clearly the main factor behind … Read More