Peak Rates

Global equity markets resumed their recovery last week, gaining 0.6% and 1.3% in local currency and sterling terms respectively. The UK was one of the best performers, gaining a strong … Read More

Oiling The Wheels Of Inflation

Last week was a quiet one for markets, with both equities and bonds down slightly. Global equities are currently off some 2.5% in local currency terms from their July high … Read More

Higher for Longer

Global equities last week reversed part of their decline earlier in August, rising 1.5-2% but remaining a similar amount down on their end-July high. Just as the earlier retreat was … Read More

Bonds Take Their Toll

Bonds Take their Toll Global equities continued their retreat last week, falling around 2.5% in both local currency and sterling terms, and are now down some 4.5% from their end-July … Read More

Inflated Worries

Global equities edged lower last week, leaving markets down 2.5% in local currency terms and 1.9% in sterling terms from their highs at the end of July. Bonds also lost … Read More

Peak Rates in Sight

Global equities reversed course last week, with markets unwinding some of their recent gains. Global equities were down 2.0% and 1.4% in local currency and sterling terms respectively. Meanwhile, bond … Read More

Central Bank Fest

Global equities continued their upward path last week, gaining some 1% in both local currency and sterling terms. China was the star performer with a 6.3% increase while the UK … Read More

UK Joins The Party

UK markets gave a collective cheer to last week’s news that UK inflation had for the first time for several months surprised on the downside. Equities rose 3.1% over the … Read More

US Inflation Cheer

US Inflation Cheer Global equities rose 2.5% last week in local currency terms, more than reversing their fall the previous week and reestablishing the upward trend seen over the last … Read More

Good News Is Bad News

Against some positive economic news markets broadly fell over the week. One of the worst performing markets was the UK with the FTSE 100 declining by 3.6%. Over the pond … Read More