As Good as Gold

Last week was a quiet one for equity markets with global equities broadly unchanged.  The only major market to post a gain was the UK which benefited from its high … Read More

Shining a Light

Last week was a good one for equity markets with global equities up 3.4% in local currency terms and 2.5% in sterling terms. This left the comparable gains over the … Read More

Murky Waters

It was another quietish week for markets overall with global equities ending up around 1% or so. Meanwhile, government bond yields edged slightly lower following sharp declines the previous week. … Read More

In the Eye of the Storm

Look at the headline move in global equities last week and you would have no idea that the financial sector is facing its biggest test since the global financial crisis. … Read More

This Time is Different

Equity markets last week lost 3.6% in local currency terms and 4.4% in sterling terms, more than reversing their gain of 1.8% the previous week. A hawkish Fed and an … Read More

A Tug of War

Equity markets rose 1.8% last week, reversing the bulk of the previous week’s decline. China led the way with a 3.3% gain. Meanwhile, bonds had a mixed week with yields … Read More

Good News is, Once Again, Bad News

Markets were broadly weaker across the globe as a raft of positive economic data suggested the inflation beast is far from tamed – meaning that interest rates will continue to … Read More

Soft, Hard or No Landing

Last week was a busy one on the data front. But while government bond yields continued their recent upward move, rising another 0.1% or so, global equities ended the week … Read More

Flirting with Recession

Last week was a relatively quiet one on the data front and saw markets slip back a bit. Global equities were down 1% or so but remain up around 6% … Read More

Data Overload

Last week was billed as an important one for markets and it lived up to expectations. There were a fair few twists and turns along the way but global equities … Read More