Financial Advice: What’s really in it for me?

a mixed race couple speaking with a white female financial adviser

It is common that people we know, be it family, friends, teachers or colleagues, try to help (or even steer) our life journeys from childhood to retirement. But do they truly know your personal goals, burning ambitions, or what your idea of ‘success’ is?

It’s worth remembering there’s a big difference between unwanted life advice and seeking out the right professional support.

Especially when it comes to dealing with your money and your future. Thinking about your financial future can be daunting. You may not know where to start or how professional financial services can help you towards reaching your financial goals.

How does professional financial support help?

To start off we should start by asking – what help do you need, exactly?

Is it jargon busting or perhaps long-term guidance? Fine tuning your investments? Or maybe, you aren’t sure what you need. In fact you may need to learn how professional financial advice can help you towards reaching your financial goals.

Whether you’re an industry force to be reckoned with, seasoned entrepreneur, or successful creative professional – building the right team to help with life goals might already be on your radar. But when looking at personal finance, a financial adviser might be the missing piece of the puzzle to help with your long term goals and provide peace of mind.

  1. Looking at the Big Picture: If you’re building wealth, understanding who you are and where you’re heading is the first part of the process. It’s tough to be objective about yourself and emotionless about your own money, stepping back and assessing your future as well as setting yourself up for the unknown can be a challenging task.

A professional financial planner can allow you to consider solutions you may not be aware of.

How financial advice can help: Creating a bespoke financial plan that matches your unique life goals.

  1. Tax Efficiency: No matter who you are, you should pay what tax you owe. No more. Taking the correct approach to tax can make sure you pay your way but don’t come faced by unseen or unplanned taxation issues. Making money on the way in is great, but can you take it out without the taxman waiting open palm?

A professional financial planner can help you look at your tax position and ensure that you are saving or investing your money in tax efficient wrappers (e.g. an ISA). So when it comes to your financial future you have peace of mind.

How financial advice can help: Making sure that your investments are tax-efficient, tax optimised, and don’t leave you staring down the barrel of a huge tax bill.

  1. Financial Wellness: Dealing with your mental health is a challenge at the best of times – especially if you are an ambitious and busy professional with a lot of plates in the air. Working with the right adviser lets them tackle financial stress for you and plan for the most uncertain of futures.

At the start of the new year it is easy to think about your health and wellness goals like joining the gym, or aiming to eat more fruit and veg. But we often forget that our financial plan might need reassessing too. Getting our financial wellness in check can provide peace of mind.

Having the support of a reliable financial planner helps you steer through rough patches and get where you need to be…or where you never dared dream you’d end up.

How financial advice can help: Working with you to provide clarity, consistency and calmness when it comes to managing your finances and taking the emotion out of potentially detrimental financial decisions.

  1. Ongoing Oversight: Making your money work for you is only possible with regular care and observation, not all of us have the time for this. Once a plan is in place, your adviser will be able to keep an eye on opportunities, risks, and can regularly reach out for check-ins. This can provide guidance when needed, in response to legal changes or whatever else you may need.

Ongoing support and stability from your financial planner can be essential to providing not just oversight but peace of mind. Communication can help this. Some financial advisers, like ours here at Kingswood, allow you to have access to apps and portals further opening up communication with your adviser. Our app, Kingswood Go allows you to view your investments in the palm of your hand and read regular financial and investment updates. You are also able to access exclusive content and feel peace of mind with your financial support.

How financial advice can help: Regular reviews and analysis to ensure that your investments are doing what they should be.

  1. Quality Connections: A well-placed adviser knows when specialist expertise is needed. Having an adviser that maintains quality, professional connections helps you quickly find the right expert to validate tough decisions or unpick knotty problems. Professional financial planners often have access to other connections you don’t know you need.

How financial advice can help: Leveraging business partners and professional connections to provide access to support and help you build out your power team.

Getting Started

Working with a reliable financial planner helps ambitious and driven individuals towards hitting their time-bound life targets, assess their options, and gives peace of mind that their financial future is in safe hands. Working with any financial professional is a commitment based on trust and respect. Building your wealth is a long-term task and understanding your career, values, and character is non-negotiable. So when you’re ready, ensure you seek out the right adviser for you.

If you think you are ready to start your journey, or even if you aren’t sure that you are ready, feel free to get in touch with us at Kingswood.

Getting started can be intimidating, especially knowing where you should be putting your money. At Kingswood we can help you towards reaching your financial dreams. Pursuing financial advice can be a great way to enable the start of your journey. If you aren’t sure what this involves feel free to get in touch by clicking the email button in the top right, or by starting a conversation with our online chat team.

By Kingswood Wealth Planner, Jade Rose

*The value of your investment can go down as well as up, and you can get back less than you originally invested. Past performance does not indicate future returns. Prevailing tax rates and relief are dependent on your individual circumstances and are subject to change. Whilst we do provide tax planning, we cannot provide tax advice and where you require tax advice we will refer you to a tax specialist.

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