A Correction was Overdue

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Last week was very much a week of two halves for equities. It started on a strong note but markets fell back towards week-end and are down again today. The initial gains were driven both by the tentative easing in lockdowns now underway in much of Europe and some states in the US and encouraging drug news. A new trial … Read More

A Tug of War

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Equities fell back a little last week, following the sharp rebound seen over the previous month, though have opened higher today. Markets have been pulled in opposite directions this year by two extremely powerful opposing forces. Their prospects going forward basically depend on how this tug of war plays out.

Taking Stock

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Global equities last week posted further gains of around 2% and are now up close to 25% from their lows having recovered half their losses. The rebound has been the fastest ever from a bear market, with the gains taking less than a month, just as the sell-off itself occurred at record speed. The sharp rebound is rather at odds … Read More

ESG principles don’t equal short-term success but they are essential to thrive

Harry Merrison, Investment Manager – Kingswood Group The only constant is change. Evolution is about adaptation. Effectively managing future risks and opportunities empowers companies, offering downside protection and creating future stakeholder value. We often fool ourselves in the euphoria of a bull market that the good times are here to stay, only for reality to set in when the tide … Read More

Markets have got ahead of themselves

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The rebound in equity markets resumed in force last week. Global equities gained as much as 10% in local currency terms and as of Friday were up 21% from their March low. The US has led the rebound and has risen 25% from its low point. The recovery in UK stocks has been a more moderate 17%, aside from the … Read More

Panic in the air

Equity markets are down sharply this morning, following a volatile few days last week. At the time of writing, UK equities are down some 6% from Friday’s close, and are now in official bear market territory, having fallen 20% from their highs earlier in the year. The sharp rise in coronavirus cases outside China is clearly the main factor behind … Read More

Too much uncertainty

Global equities fell sharply last week as concerns over the rapid spread of the coronavirus outside China unnerved investors and most markets are now down around 12% from their highs. UK and European equities bounced this morning but have already unwound their gains. The economic and market outlook is highly uncertain with the coronavirus centre stage and the experts – … Read More

Equities finally succumb to the Coronavirus

Equities have finally succumbed. Until Friday, global markets were still hovering around their January highs. But markets fell back 1% or so on Friday and the UK and European markets are down more than 3% this morning. The recent spread of the virus outside China, with Korea and Italy both now imposing quite radical containment measures, has spooked equity markets. … Read More