Every parent or grandparent wants to provide their children or grandchildren with the best possible start in life. Building a savings pot for their future can help towards paying for university fees or building a fund to get them on the property ladder.

Give their children or grandchildren a head start for their future finances

Kingswood offer specialist advice on saving and investing for children, whether you require a structured or flexible approach to saving for their future.

Our savings and investment specialists can advise you on:

  • Cash Junior ISAs
  • Stocks and Shares Junior ISAs
  • Junior Investment Accounts
  • Junior SIPPs

Whether you’re a relative, parent, grandparent or a friend, investing for a child’s future is one of the most important things you can do. For any investor, time is a powerful ally – so where you are investing on behalf of children, you start with a great advantage.

Not only does a longer timescale allow for greater risk-taking and thus potentially higher returns, but there is the power of compounding, as profits are re-invested year on year. Ask any parent, and they’ll agree on one thing: one minute your children are toddlers, and almost before you know it they’re going to university or planning to buy their first property.

Whether you save little and often or have bigger sums of money to invest, keep going over a few years and you can build up a really useful amount. It can go a long way to setting them on the road to becoming independent or helping them with university or housing costs. You might even encourage them to become savers.

Saving for a child today is a wonderful gift for their future. Not only can they start their adult lives with some savings in hand, but getting kids involved early with saving also helps them learn important lessons about money.

Everyone wants the best for their children. Parents naturally feel the pressure to plan for their children’s future. Will they want to go to university? Get married? Buy a house perhaps? One thing’s for sure: at some point in their future, they’ll need a financial boost, and they’ll be grateful if it comes from someone who has always had their best interests at heart.

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