Wealth Managers, a new generation

As a fledgling young professional, ask me heading into my mid-thirties would I have planned on becoming a wealth manager and I’m sure you would have received a perplexed expression looking back at you. Something along the lines of the emoji with the straight-lined mouth with a raised eyebrow springs to mind!


Very attractive proposition


An industry, that I had very little knowledge about suddenly became a very attractive proposition. If I could describe the industry as I see it in a few words…

The information and guidance provided, gives a person/s an opportunity of securing not only their own, but their loved ones security, by optimising the hard work they have put into their career and lifestyle.

Naturally, entering a new industry, I’ve done my research and the statistic that stood out to me was the average age of a wealth planner in the UK. The number 58 was quite surprising?

The keyboard warriors

We all know with the keyboard warriors making all the moves in today’s society, surely a new wave of advisors had to be entering the industry? This landed me in the hands of Kingswood.

Kingswood, a fast growing, multinational organisation looking to potentially change the stereotype? Being in the right space at the right time is a phrase that has not often being in my armory although on this occasion, I certainly feel I can apply it.

Two-year program

Kingswood going into 2021 had made the decision to build an academy. The academy would take people like myself, 10-15 years diverse working experience and provide us with the ammunition to become a wealth planner. Easy you say??!

The schemes’ foundation would be built on a two-year program in order for the successful applicants first and foremost, becoming qualified as a fully registered wealth planner. This does involve copious amounts of studying and exams. That’s the nasty part. However, these are completed funded by the company and then brings me onto the exciting part of the role.

Exciting wealth management

When entering a career, generally speaking you have a standard practice. Kingswood are doing things a little bit differently and this is what made the job such an attractive proposition.

Each trainee is being given an insight into every department of the company. A rotation program has been installed to give us an “all-area exposure” with each rotation ranging between 1-6 weeks. Mini-tasks will be given to us in each, so we can build connections, gain knowledge but most importantly, understand the practices of how an exciting wealth management company works.

Moving up the ladder

In my first month I’ve recorded a YouTube video, delivered presentations to the board and now even writing my first blog post. Doesn’t sound very “financy” you may say, but I want to think of this as a reflection of how Kingswood are doing things.

Maybe, the next time I write to you all I hope to have passed a few exams, made an impression on some of my newest rotation projects and moving up the ladder in becoming a wealth planner at Kingswood.

See you all soon and wish me luck!

Daniel Segal