All about POTUS…or not

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We warned recently that equity markets were entering choppy waters and last week’s developments can only add to the turbulence. Equities had started to recover some of their losses in the recent correction but the first of the US Presidential debates and then the news of Trump testing positive for Covid swiftly took centre stage. Equities fell back on Friday … Read More

Navigating the financial impact of COVID-19

How people’s physical health and financial well-being is being affected  Needless to say, coronavirus (COVID-19) has had, and will continue to have, a major impact on our lives. It is not just impacting on people’s physical health but also their financial well-being. Research highlights how the finances of the UK’s households have been affected by the coronavirus outbreak[1].

A dose of reality

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Global equities fell back 2% last week, reversing their gains of the previous week and continuing the choppy pattern seen over the last month. The key to the market’s direction at the moment is the strength of the economic recovery underway now that lockdowns have been relaxed. Business confidence has improved markedly in the last couple of months, with the … Read More

COVID-19 effects on retirement planning

covid19 retirement planning

Remember that pension savings are for the long term The coronavirus (COVID-19) is having a widespread impact across all aspects of financial life, including retirement plans. The current global stock market turbulence, as a consequence of COVID-19, will no doubt be concerning for individuals whose pension savings are invested partly or fully during these volatile market conditions. However, making decisions … Read More

Hurting from home

Is the ‘new normal’ having an adverse effect on your health? More than half of office workers believe their employer should do more to help them work from home during the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. This has lead to millions of Britons suffering in pain as a result of their makeshift home offices. People being advised to work from home to … Read More

Beware of pension fraudsters

Safeguard your hard-earned retirement savings from COVID-19 scammers Fraudsters are exploiting fears over the COVID-19 pandemic to target pension savers and investors. The Pensions Regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Money and Pensions Service have issued a joint statement urging people not to make rash pension decisions in the wake of the global pandemic, as criminals try to … Read More


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Equity markets last week recouped some of their decline the previous week, with global equities gaining some 2%. The fluctuations seen over the last month are a reflection of markets being buffeted by a range of conflicting factors: On the economic front, the recent news has been quite encouraging. Retail sales in the UK and US bounced back more strongly … Read More

Protecting your retirement plans

Don’t let coronavirus derail your financial future The COVID-19 pandemic has touched virtually every aspect of our lives, not least of which is how we save for retirement. And while the number one priority is keeping our families and ourselves safe and healthy, the next topic on most people’s worry list is the financial impact, especially if the situation doesn’t … Read More

Covid-19: Are you protected?

Given the current situation during this difficult and unsettling time with coronavirus (COVID-19), it’s important to think about how secure the future of your family or business would be in the event that you were no longer around. Understandably, we would rather not dwell on such a scenario, but this crisis has highlighted the importance of protecting the things that … Read More

Time is a great healer

The key takeaways from the current crisis. For me, there are two key takeaways: first, almost all market downturns fade into insignificance in the long run, even if at the time they may feel unprecedented and game changing. Second, it is dangerous to sell out of markets completely, even for very short periods of time. Both considerations have framed the … Read More